How long they live: The Kreigons have been in existence for roughly sixty years. Each Kreigon lives to be about seven years old. They reach maturity at the age of two meaning that by this time they can begin to reproduce. By the age of six they are considered an elder.


How Kreigons Reproduce: They asexually reproduce by budding. In their younger years, they can "bud" up to five times a year. Each time producing and offspring genetically exact to themselves.


How Kreigons eat: They grow plants rich with nutrients. There are ten different types of plants but each plant has a chemical in it that helps to control them and keep them calm. They do not eat like humans, but rather absorb the plant into their bodies sucking out the nutrients. It takes about an hour for the plant to pass through their bodies, then waste secrets out their pours freely resembling human sweat.


History: They have lived in the Himalayan mountain range and off the coasts of what was known as India, Antarctica, and California. They really cannot be too sure about their history, because they really do not keep records. The reliability of the records they do have is somewhat questionable because they think that they used to keep records but have been lost over the course of the moves. They tried to fill in missing information and eventually stopped the practice of record keeping. They are much more inclined to thinking about the future and the good of the species. They like to make gadgets and advance their crops and make them more nutrient rich.